To go with beer and wine

Marinated roast ribs with horseradish, mustard, pickled vegetables and homemade onion bread 9,90 € 600 g
Pork knees baked on black beer with homemade onion bread, horseradish, mustard and pickled vegetables 9,90 € 900 g
Homemade roast sausage with horseradish, mustard and homemade onion bread 5,90 € 250 g
Tartar steak made from premium Slovak beef sirloin with bread toasts and garlic 10,90 € 100 g
Homemade paté (seasonal offer) with toasts or homemade bread 4,90 € 150 g
Pickled gentian cheese 4,30 € 120 g
Homemade “drowned man” – pickled sausage with onion bread 3,90 € 180 g
Honest meaty brawn with onion and homemade onion bread 4,50 € 150 g
Beer tray (Homemade sausage and brawn, smoked ham, blue-veined cheese, smoked “oshtiepok” cheese, onion, fresh homemade spread, pickled vegetables) 7,50 € 400 g
Smoked bowl (sausage, homemade smoked ham, scrag end and loin, homemade spread according to offer, pickled vegetables) 8,90 € 350 g
Cheese bowl (Blue ripening cheese, “hermelín” cheese, smoked “oshtiepok” cheese, edam, feta, homemade spread according to menu, olives, nuts) 8,90 € 350 g
Fresh homemade spread according to the menu served with toasts and onion /bryndza (sheep cheese) spread, cracklings spread, “šmitec” – blue cheese spread 3,90 € 130 g