Specialties of traditional cuisine

Sirloin on cream served with steamed homemade dumplings and cranberries 9,90 € 200 g
Moravian sparrow served with homemade potato dumplings or steamed dumplings and cabbage 8,30 € 200 g
Horseradish sauce with softly cooked beef and homemade steamed dumplings 9,90 € 200 g
Pork cheeks on black beer with potato-celery puree 9,90 € 250 g
Chicken pan with chanterelles, shallots, green beans and homemade potato gnocchi 8,90 € 200 g
Boneless chicken thigh with grilled vegetables and white ripening goat cheese 10,90 € 250 g
Chicken supreme on roasted pepper cream sauce with homemade “halushky” (special small Slovak dumplings) 8,90 € 200 g
Fresh fried schnitzel 7,90 € 200 g
”Prague butcher” steak Pork chop steak and light cream sauce with wild mushrooms and leek 6,90 € 120 g
“Rogue’s delicacy” Roast pork chop filled with homemade smoked loin, sausage and onion, baked with smoked “oshtiepok” (Slovak cheese). We recommend serving with traditional “kočičák” (pressed potato-cabbage specialty) 8,90 € 200 g
Pork tenderloin with fresh nut sauce and blue ripe cheese 9,90 € 200 g
Pork „živánska“ made from pork tenderloin roasted on a pan with real farmer’s homemade bacon and sausage 10,90 € 180 g

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