About Us

Our restaurant is a family business, which has been operating in the field of traditional gastronomy since 2010, where we offer a popular Czech cousine, fine beer, local wine and high quality cofee. In our restaurant you can also taste homemade delicacies like Beef Tenderloin.


True Tripe Soup, Creamy Garlic Soup, Beef Stock Soup or Roast Pork Ribs. Our main feature is the traditional kitchen, which is not to be enjoyed without homemade side-dish like potato gnocchi, teared potato dumplings, classic steamed dumplings, dumpling pies, because we are uncompromising opponents of frozen semi-finished products! Fresh vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, goat cheese or fresh meat come exclusively from local Slovak breeding. Except to our permanent delicacies, we also offer standard daily menu with homemade soup and you can possibly choose up two variants of main meal – in meat or meatless version.

If you come to us for a great beer or delicious wine, we can also offer you our „traditional snacks“, which contain cottage patés or fresh spreads served with crunchy toasts, Beer Cheese with butter, Pickled Encian Cheese, Brawn with Onion and fresh Bread or various of sausages dishes. Traditions are also reflected in the restaurant Kozia Brána in various seasonal events where we offer specialties of Duck or Goose feasts, but also Fašiangy season and traditional Slovak Easter meals.


Our restaurant is located in the pleasant place in center of Staré Mesto, in the building of old Town Brewery. Entrance to the restaurant is oriented from the street under the wooden statue of goat, which is mascot of restaurant. The interior of the restaurant have capacity of 90 people, wchich is divided into three parts – smoking section with capacity of 25 people, cafe section with capacity of approximately 20 people and non-smoking place with capacity of 45 people.


The cozy interior is suitable not only for a larger groups, but also for family and corporate events to our customer´s needs. Our restaurant is full air-conditioned and has also free Wi-Fi zone. In the restaurant you can pay cash or electronically, but also with meal vouchers or electronic cards.


If you want to taste the traditional Slovak&Czech cousine in the heart of the capital city of Slovakia, our restaurant is the most right choice! All of true traditional meal lovers are heartfully welcome in our restaurant Kozia Brána!

We will prepare a roasted pig, goose or duck with traditional Czech homemade side dishes, traditional Czech buns, Moravian pies or other appetizing meals.

Orders: +421 903 773 767.


History of Kozia Brána

‘Bratislava fortifications‘ usually refers to the medieval city fortifications of Bratislava whose one gate and two sections of walls remain today. The Bratislava Castle was also heavily fortified. Other fortification systems were built in the following centuries.


Most of the medieval fortification system was demolished in 1775 by the order of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, the rest being torn down during the 18th and 19th century. The only remaining consistent stretch of Bratislava city walls running from the St. Martin’s Cathedral towards the intersection of Na vŕšku Street and Kapitulská Street is inaccessible to the public, despite not only being a tourist attraction but also a valid shortcut in the city center.


The construction of the medieval fortifications in Bratislava (known as Pressburg or Poszony for more of its history) started in the 13th century. By the end of the 14th century, there were three gates leading to the town: the Michael’s Gate (north), Vydrica Gate (west) and Laurinc Gate (east). In the 15th century another smaller gate was built: the Fishermen’s gate (south, leading to the Danube). The suburbs gradually grew around fortification walls, which were fortified in the 15th century with embankments and dykes on the order of King Sigmund after a Hussite invasion. The town’s outer line had five gates: the Kozia Gate and the gates at Suché mýto, Špitálska, Dunajská and Schöndorf (called Obchodná today) street.